Female external genitals lose elasticity and support due to various reasons but most commonly from childbirth trauma. During childbirth vaginal and perineal muscles are damaged due to stretching and tearing of muscle fibers during labor. This results in varying degrees of relaxation of the vagina and perineum. In female external genitals there are two labia (lips of vulva), one being the minor labia (inner lips), and the other major labia (outer lips). For minor labia (inner lips) some women are born with irregularities of labial lips such as asymmetrical sizing. Hypertrophy or oversized labia is a common complaint. Trauma from the childbirth process can also cause such changes as well. Labia Majora (large outer lips), that are not equal in size are a common and real issue. Due to volume loss from aging, many changes can result in loss of the larger lips making them appear flat and drooped downward and not an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dr. Taek Kim is a board certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon with more than 30 years experience. Dr. Kim specializes in the areas of advanced endoscopic procedures (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), procedures not performed by most general gynecologists. He also treats urological disorders and performs cosmetic gynecological procedures including vulva/labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation and tightening.